The shore of the Buffalo Waterfront is miles long. It includes the Inner Harbor - collectively the Buffalo River, City Ship Canal, and the Watson Turning Basin along the Central Wharf. The Outer Harbor extends from the Erie Basin Marina south to the Union Ship Canal and the Lackawanna Canal at the former site of Bethlehem Steel. A part of the Erie Canal, the south entrance of the Black Rock Canal is just west of the Erie Basin Marina and parallels the Niagara River where it ends at the Black Rock locks. 

Whether you're on a walk, bike ride, or a sail, take a camera with you. You never know when you can capture a dramatic waterfront sunset, rough seas, wild life along the shore, construction, demolition, ship movement, or some other camera worthy subject. Snap it and send it with a description and the date photographed to and we'll post them here on Views of the Waterfront.

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