Buffalo Lighthouse Park

OCTOBER 30, 2011

Off limits to the public since September 11, 2001, the Buffalo Harbor Lighthouse could only be viewed from a distance since it resided on the U.S. Coast Guard Base. Long awaited plans for the Buffalo Lighthouse Park started to become reality during 2010 as the Coast Guard began to reconfigure the layout of the base so that it could be kept secure while permitting unimpeded access to the light by the general public.

Buffalo Lighthouse Park opened unceremoniously late in October 2011. It is a jewel of the harbor.

Always ready to explore new territory, Maggie indicates the way to the entrance to Lighthouse Park at the north terminus of Furhman Boulevard. The entrance to the Coast Guard Station is at the far left.

The trail parallels the Buffalo River and leads to the lighthouse in the background.

From this perspective, the light seems to tower above the city's skyline

This is the view on the way back to the park and offers visitors a view of the Buffalo River and the city that has not been seen in years.